Don Bosco Renewal Centre (Formerly known as DON BOSCO YUVA PRACHODINI)



Salesian International Training Centre

Offers Courses in ongoing formation
for Priests, Religius and Laity

About Us


Don Bosco Renewal Centre, Bangalore, (formerly known as Don Bosco Yuva Prachodini) is a Salesian National Training Centre that offers courses in ongoing formation for priests, religious and laity.

This centre was realized as a dream for an institution to cater to the ever growing demand for on-going formation of Salesians (SDBs) of India and neighbouring countries.

However, soon after its inception, the Centre was opened out to all priests, religious and laity who wished to profit from the courses offered here.

Our Vision

A Church led and served by freer, happier, more human, Christ-like priests and religious who will share God's tender love with today's women, men, youth and children, especially the least and the lost.

Our Mission

To help priests, religious and other committed ministers in their personal and professional update, through a clarification of their vision and ideals, healing of inner wounds and blocks, and finding new strength and meaning for their onward journey.

Our Style

We do this the Don Bosco way, that is, in the cheerful and loving setting of a family where everyone is important and loved, with an optimism and joy that comes from a deep trust in God's goodness. A trait we cherish and cultivate is the family spirit, where relationships are built on mutual affection and trust rather than on rules and fear, where creativity and spontaneity matter more than rigid structures, where superiors do not act as superiors, but as loving family members. With Don Bosco, we believe that, unless the heart is won over, no real education or formation takes place. For this, in the Salesian system, familiarity and closeness to people are stressed--not aloofness or distance. We also believe that learning takes place best when the learner is respected and listened to and enjoys the learning experience. So, be yourself, enjoy your stay, make lots of friends! We can learn much from one another, and go away better persons than when we came. The Lord waits for you in every person and event, and longs to give you more than you deserve, and much, much more than you expect!

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